Cheaper and more effective cellular base stations for

Capacity Transfer Radio (CTR) is a revolutionary patented technology designed to bring the cellular technology to remote areas. It has lower operational costs, more effective coverage zones and is easier to deploy than traditional base stations.

Up to 5x cheaper icon

Up to 5x cheaper

CTR sites are usually up to 5 times cheaper than traditional sites. Due to its small size and weight CTR is mounted on a less expensive lightweight tower.

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Fully compatible

CTR is fully compatible with current technologies like GSM, UMTS, LTE of all vendors and is easily integrated with existing network infrastructure.

Energy efficient icon

Energy efficient

CTR consumes up to 7x less energy and does not require air-conditioned climatic cabinets. The low power consumption of CTRs allows the usage of alternative power sources.

How does CTR work?

The core concept of CTR technology is to transfer data between cellular stations using different frequency range than carrier frequency — so there is no need for long optic cables, shelters and climate enclosures.

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Traditional cellular network

The basic element of a traditional cellular network is a full-size base station site. Each base station site is connected to core network via fiber-optic cable. In the traditional cellular network topology, the capacity is statically distributed among base stations of the Radio Access Network.

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Cellular network with CTR

The CTR network is built around a central base station, in which the radio resources are distributed wirelessly to the CTR stations. CTR does not require air-conditioned climatic cabinets, costly links or an optical fiber connection.

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Lightweight tower

Due to its small size and light weight, the CTR is mounted on a low-cost, lightweight tower.


No ground cabinets

CTR does not require air-conditioned climatic chambers.


Cheap power supply

Since CTR consumes up to 7 times less energy, it does not require a powerful power supply.


No fiber-optic cables

CTR does not require long and heavy ground cables.


Radio Access Network

Offers the possibility of RAN sharing and its considerable cost reduction.

History & Roadmap

CTR technology was successfully patented in Russia, China, India, USA and Europe. CTR is certified by Bell Labs and supports ITU.

Russian flag
CTR technology patented in Russia
Indian flag
CTR technology patented in India
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Chinese flag
CTR technology patented in China
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European flag
CTR technology patented in Europe
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US flag
CTR technology patented in USA
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Russian flag
Further development of the CTR technology in Russia
CTR is certified by Bell Labs
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Finished development of 3G/4G standards
ITU L1700 (10/16) approved
Setting up a low-cost sustainable telecommunications network for rural communications in developing countries using cellular network with capacity transfer
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3G / 4G Sample
Sample is ready for 80 percent. Result at the end of R&D — prototypes (two complete LTE retransmission circuits)
March 2020
50 thousand sets of CTR
Preliminary talks were held with key operators in India, Germany, Cambodia and Thailand. A need was identified and estimated at 30-50 thousand sets of CTR 3G / 4G
New zones
Experimental zones of CTR 3G / 4G on networks of 2-3 key operators. Sales and the conclusion of contracts for the delivery of CTR 3G / 4G
Starting mass production of 4G CTR
Deliveries and installation of CTR 3G / 4G on networks of operators


Production partner

Jabil Inc. is a United States-based global manufacturing services company. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, it is one of the largest companies in the Tampa Bay area. Jabil has 90 facilities in 23 countries, and 175,000 employees worldwide.

Research & Production partner

TEKTELIC has a rich heritage in the development of high quality carrier grade cellular products for its commercial service provider and defense OEM clients. TEKTELIC develops and manufactures high performance cellular radios, Base-bands, Power Amplifiers and complete Small Cell base stations.

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