CTR is an effective opportunity for solving the problem of digital inequality, with a projected increase of cost by 4.5 times, in the first year of the project. We expect to attract financing in the amount of 15 million euros, which will be used as follows:

Total amount: 15M

All amounts in EUR

Expenses pie chart
3.6 million euros will be operating costs.
The cost of marketing, PR and IR in the process of product development and production preparation.
The cost of selling. We will use direct sales, relying on our long-standing contacts in the industry, offering the product directly to cellular operators and integrators.
This amount will cover the costs of its own engineering and technical personnel, as well as marketing and sales staff.
Part of the funds will be used to create a reserve in case of changes in the market situation.
3.5 million euro will be spent on product development by Tectelic Communications. The development process includes three phases.
Alpha phase
Alpha phase Tectelic shall design, develop and manufacture Alpha Version units of the Product in accordance with the Specifications and Schedule.
Beta phase
In the Beta Phase, Tectelic shall refine the design, use reasonable efforts to correct any identified design flaws, improve product performance and manufacture Beta Version units of the Product in accordance with the Specifications.
New Product Introduction (NPI)
In the New Product Introduction Phase, Tectelic shall develop the automated test solution, fine-tune the design of the Product, correct any identified design flaws, perform design centering and develop a Pilot Build at the contract manufacturer facility to prepare the product for commercial series production.
In addition, the development of software for managing the equipment segment of the network based on CTR and integration with the network of the mobile operator will be completed.
Working Capital
7.9 million euros will make working capital.
It will be used for:
Financing of batch production of products ordered by cellular operators.
Financing commodity loans to operators when delivering products (such conditions are an industrial standard).

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