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CTR will utilize the Ethereum Blockchain for its Blockchain option. This has many advantages for the product, its development and the utilizability of CTR. Therefore we're launching our own token.




XCTR is a token built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain. The purpose of token is to provide fast and secure network scaling. The token can be used for several functions, for example: ensuring reliability and safety, through the introduction of dynamic charges, and regular payments, due to the use of CTR as rental equipment.

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Token details

Ticker Symbol


Token Type

ERC20 Utility Token

Decimal Places


Token Supply (fixed)

50,000,000 XCTR

Tokens Purchasable

30,000,000 XCTR

Sale details

Soft Cap

7,000,000 €

Hard Cap

15,000,000 €

Payment Methods

BTC/ETH/LTC/BCH, Bank Transfer

Price per Token


Minimum Investment

100 €

Funding stages

We're running 3 funding stages with a minimum investment of 100 XCTR.


12th November 2018 - 31st December 2018


1st January 2019 - 28th February 2019


1st March 2019 - 31st May 2019

The ICO is already running!

Countdown to the end of ICO

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  • 00seconds
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Token distribution

Crowdsale - 60%

Advisors & Partners - 10%

Team & Founders - 30%

token distribution chart

Funds allocation

funds allocation chart

Equipment engineering - 50%

PR & IR - 24.4%

Labor costs - 11.3%

Selling expenses - 6%

Pre-production development - 5%

Software development - 3.3%

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions with answers.

What is Radio Transfer (CTR)?

Radio Transfer (CTR) is a revolutionary patented technology designed to provide cheap and affordable access to high-speed Internet and mobile telecommunications for all people on our planet, both in developed countries and in developing countries and especially hard-to-reach locations.

What are your advantages in comparison with other telecommunication projects?

CTR technology has been patented in many countries and has no analogues! Our invention has interested many mobile operators in Africa, Asia and Latin America, as well as developed countries in Europe, thanks to the ability to significantly save electricity and being an environmentally-friendly project.

Why does this project needs Blockchain technology?

Crowdfunding, through Blockchain technology, allows the average person to own a piece in a growing industry, as well as a potentially very successful company. We also will be accepting cryptocurrency for payments and will be paying our employees with cryptocurrency as well. CTR Group is fully committed on using the Blockchain for its many benefits. The Blockchain makes it possible to make the traffic accounting system (transmission of digital and voice data) transparent when one tower is shared with multiple operators, as well as in the following areas: digital identity, data management (storage of various documents), roaming, 5G (selection of the highest-speed node) for communication, Smart City - due to openness and transparency, secure P2P connection for IoT devices to create a cost-effective and self-managing system, as well as enable cellular companies to leave their data and customer data anonymous at will.

How to use CTR tokens?

Having a large number of clients in different countries of the world, we use our tokens for internal calculations and quick settlements with them. Investors and customers who buy our tokens will be able to earn their interest on the use of mobile operators and network equipment traffic. Our tokens are generated to serve as a recognized method of payment for all transactions in the field of mobile telecommunications conducted through our platform. Users can use the tokens to make transactions and exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

How can you guarantee that you will continue to work on CTR after the sale of tokens ?

We are in a strict regulatory environment. This provides a legal incentive for us to provide the best level of service to both our token buyers and our clients. Tokens allocated to the team will be locked for 2 years using a smart contract. This timespan is significantly longer than average, and allows us to attract and retain the best talents who are committed to the long-term growth of the product and company.

Where can I find the CTR token and the fund locking smart contracts?

You can find the CTR token contract here: 0xf485712a8f14c81c331e7c1341704c3434da65cd and the fund locking smart contract here: 0xd618542ea0ec45caf003bfce8d945dfcf277f9b1

What jurisdiction have you chosen to register a company and why?

A company was created specifically for the ICO. The team clearly understands why it chose this jurisdiction and is ready to provide a copy of the registration certificate, a list of directors and details of the registered office address that can be checked with third-party sources and services.

What will happen to the investors' money if during the round the project does not collect the required amount?

In the case that we will not reach our soft cap, we will refund all investments to the investors. This is a logistical challenge and strictly regulated. For security reasons, the refund will occur via the original payment method and to the original payment source. Processing costs and fixed transaction costs can't be refunded.

How will the safety of the collected funds be controlled?

The collected funds will be securely stored in hardware wallets. If necessary it will be converted into fiat money, as we need it to advance the project.

What methods of protection are provided against hacker attacks, phishing and other unfriendly interventions?

The CTR Group website is using an microservice JAM-stack architecture. This has advantages for security and availability, because the website and the services are redundant. For example: the service which transfers XCTR tokens to investors is on a completely different system, which is only known to the withdrawal service, which also is on a different server. In this example the wallet security is ensured. The communication with between the services follows strict protocols and also every service/server has great DDoS protection against heavy attacks.

How many competing tokens can you name, and how is your coin better?

A whole section in the whitepaper is devoted to comparison with competitors. We have carefully analyzed this niche and believe that its potential is far from exhausted.

How to get my tokens?

If you haven't invested yet, register on this website, log in and continue to 'Buy XCTR' in the personal area. You can make payments with Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) and Bank Transfer. Afterwards, or if you already invested, you can click on 'Withdraw XCTR' in the personal area and follow the instructions to withdraw your XCTR tokens. To get your XCTR tokens you will need a so-called 'ERC20 token-compatible wallet' (for example: Metamask, MyEtherWallet, Parity, Mist or imToken). This will allow you to conveniently send, receive and store your XCTR tokens.

I can't see my XCTR tokens in my wallet. Where are they?

It might be, that you have to add the CTR token contract address to your wallet. Just add the following contract address and you'll see your tokens again: 0xf485712a8f14c81c331e7c1341704c3434da65cd

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