Payment Policy


To meet the needs of Users and enforce the rules, Sonera Corporative Ltd will create an account of the User and will serve it to send and receive payments for the Product (radio transmission system with capacity transfer) for its production and sale, send and receive returns, send payments from name Sonera Corporative Ltd and ensure the receipt of funds by the User.
Fulfilling the requirements of this Policy, which is part of the Terms of Service of the site, the User grants Sonera Corporative Ltd the right and instructs her to act as its agent in respect of account management and performing certain operations with them in accordance with the provisions established in this document. You accept and agree that:
- Sonera Corporative Ltd is not a banking organization or financial company licensed to conduct banking operations and it does not offer banking or other financial services;
- The funds on your account are considered unsecured obligations;
- You grant Sonera Corporative Ltd the right to make payments using the accounts on the Website related to the sale and purchase, as well as depositing and withdrawing funds from the account;
- You will be considered as an unsecured creditor of Sonera Corporative Ltd;
- Sonera Corporative Ltd will not act as an authorized representative or proxy for these funds or payments;
- The amount of funds in your account is not a security or security deposit;
- Funds can only be deposited into your account by an authorized person, for example, an official representative of Sonera Corporative Ltd, and you must use only the mechanisms offered on the Website to deposit and withdraw funds;
- Sonera Corporative Ltd will keep funds from your account on its bank account with a financial institution or otherwise, at its discretion, and these funds will not be deposited in your personal account;
- Sonera Corporative Ltd has the right to combine these funds with the funds of other users and own means. These combined funds can be used for our common corporate purposes or for other commercial activities.


The user must contribute to the deposit using the mechanisms offered on the Website.
The user sends payments ONLY to his / her own SONERA account, using his / her own credit cards, bank accounts, ETHEREUM or BITCOIN. IF USERS DO NOT OBSERVE THIS RULE, THEIR ACCOUNTS MAY BE SUSPENDED TEMPORARILY OR COMPLETELY CLOSED.
The user has the right to deposit funds into the account via bank transfer, credit card or payment system.
The maximum size of the deposit by credit card is 500 euros. The maximum size of the deposit made by bank transfer or through the Ethereum or Bitcoin payment system is unlimited.
All payments made with the help of credit cards or Ethereum and Bitcoin payment systems are credited to the account instantly. The transfer of funds made via bank transfer is made after receipt and verification. The commission for making credit cards is 5%. Sonera Corporative Ltd is not responsible for any additional fees charged by payment systems.
We charge a service fee for errors in making payments, such as: a mistake in the payment application or a lack of a payment application; incorrect amount, the payer is not the owner of the account. The minimum fee is 5 euros. The service fee will be withheld from incoming funds.


When the User decides to purchase the Token through the mechanisms offered on the Website, he or she grants Sonera Corporative Ltd the unrestricted right to use (transfer) the appropriate amount.
Sonera Corporative Ltd reserves the right, at its sole discretion and in accordance with the requirements of the law, to take reasonable measures in the event that the User has committed, allegedly committed or attempts to commit any fraudulent or illegal transactions, or has violated the Sonera Corporation Corporation User Agreement including this Policy.
Placement of funds on the account of the User is carried out on the basis of settlements and within the terms provided by the terms of the User Agreement.


To withdraw funds, the User must use the mechanisms offered by Sonera Corporative Ltd on the Website, in particular, money transfer, Ethereum or Bitcoin payment systems and Visa / Mastercard cards in euros issued to residents in Europe.
The maximum amount of payment by bank transfers is not limited. The amount of payment through Ethereum or Bitcoin is limited to 2500 (Two thousand five hundred) euros per one conclusion. Users can request only one output per day, regardless of the method. Payment systems may impose certain restrictions, which can only be negotiated between the user and the relevant payment companies. Sonera Corporative Ltd is not responsible for any additional fees entered by payment systems. Sonera Corporative Ltd may impose additional fees in the event of return or refusal of payment due to inaccurate bank details provided by the user or for any other reason that will result in the bank refunding the payment.


Refunds are made in accordance with the Refund Policy.


Sonera Corporative Ltd is not responsible for informing, issuing any invoices, as well as indicating, transferring or collecting any taxes related to User funds. The user is fully responsible for the awareness of whether billing is required when receiving or sending funds in accordance with applicable law. In addition, the User is fully responsible for knowledge of the following: (a) which Party, User or Sonera Corporative Ltd is required by law to transfer value-added tax, income tax or any other taxes and fees to the relevant government authorities, if this applicable; (b) should Sonera Corporative Ltd withhold funds from the User's funds in accordance with applicable law and, if so, whether Sonera Corporative Ltd should be notified of this, as well as the fact of meeting the obligation (Sonera Corporation, at its sole discretion, refund this amount from other funds, or the User will refund such amount to Sonera Corporative Ltd) for the payment of any withheld amount to the relevant state authorities, including fees and penalties. If necessary, in the event that state authorities carry out any investigation into Sonera Corporative Ltd, the User is obliged to promptly cooperate with Sonera Corporative Ltd, providing her with all necessary documents requested for the purposes of such investigation.


To use certain Services provided on the Website, the User must provide information on at least one payment method.
By providing information on the payment method on the Website, the User represents, warrants and accepts that: (a) The User has the legal authority to provide such information to Sonera Corporative Ltd or other payment system, financial institution, bank and other organizations selected by Sonera Corporative Ltd for the implementation of transactions; (b) The User has the legal authority to make payments using the payment method chosen by the User; (c) these actions do not violate the terms of use by the User of such payment method and the norm of the current legislation. By giving its consent to make payment by means of some form of payment on the Website, the User declares, warrants and accepts that his or her account has sufficient funds to make payment by the chosen method of payment. In the event of a lack of funds to make a payment on the user's account in the payment system, the User is fully responsible for depositing funds into his or her account in a different way. Sonera Corporative Ltd reserves the right to demand compensation from the User and the User is obliged to reimburse the appropriate amount to Sonera Corporative Ltd if Sonera Corporative Ltd identifies erroneous or duplicate transactions or for any reason receives a request for reimbursement from the payment system, selected by the User. The User agrees that Sonera Corporative Ltd reserves the right to receive such compensation by debiting funds from future deposits or withdrawing funds from the User's account in the payment system chosen by the User or to require compensation from the User by any other legal means. Without prejudice to any other rights and remedies of Sonera Corporative Ltd, Sonera Corporative Ltd has the right to deactivate the User's account upon receipt of the User's refusal to refund the paid funds or other funds due to Sonera Corporative Ltd in accordance with this Policy or the User Agreement of the site


Sonera Corporative Ltd pays special attention to ensuring the safety of Users' funds that they have entrusted to Sonera Corporative Ltd, therefore Sonera Corporative Ltd takes certain security measures that comply with modern technological standards.
The guarantee of payment does not apply to: (a) Users who violate the terms of the Agreement; (b) Users who do not exactly comply with the provisions of the User Agreement, documents that are an integral part thereof, and applications; (c) Users who are in some way connected with the violation, alleged or actual, or operate together with another User or Users violating the User Agreement, its integral parts and applications; or (d) persons engaged in fraudulent activities, whether presumed or actual, or using this guarantee for improper purposes.


Also see our Terms of Service and our Refund Policy.


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