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Below you can read the terms of the Privacy Policy, which, in accordance with the requirements of the English law of the United Kingdom, provides information on the collection of data, including your personal data, in connection with the Services provided by Sonera Corporative Ltd, which has a permanent taxpayer status under the United Kingdom Tax Code, as well as information on the processing of such data. Acceptance of the User Agreement placed on the page means your consent to comply with the terms and conditions set out in this Privacy Policy.
Sonera Corporative Ltd pays special attention to protecting the privacy of Users of Services and providing security in the processing of their personal data. Personal data processing services presented in registration forms and automatically collected personal data are processed in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act of 1998 with the current amendments and annexes. Users have the right to access and modify their personal data. Users of the Website can not change or delete data that was collected automatically.


Data specified by the User, including personal data of the User
Upon registration, the User will be asked to provide certain information, including his or her personal data with his or her consent. Your personal information indicated in the registration forms on the Website is subject to processing solely in accordance with the requirements of this Privacy Policy for the purpose of providing the Services provided on the Website and for the purposes specified in the registration forms for specific Services on the Website. In addition, the processing of such data may only be carried out with the consent of the User and only for legitimate purposes, including for the direct promotion of the Services, the Product, the Company's Policies, and third-party companies cooperating with Sonera Corporative Ltd.


Sonera Corporative Ltd does not sell to third parties or exchange with them (including sale or provision of temporary use) the personal information of Users of the Website without their consent. Access to the personal data of the Users of the Website is provided to ONLY authorized state bodies and ONLY after the official legal request for the purposes of the investigation, as well as to third parties acting in accordance with official written and personal requests of state bodies, if such third parties act on behalf of such state bodies. This is the requirements of the law, and we are obliged to observe them.


The website uses cookies, which are text files stored on your PC or other device, and through which you access the Website and use the Services.
Cookie-files are not used to obtain any information about individual Users. They are used to authenticate Users, store their user preferences and preferences, record the status and duration of the user's session, maintain an event log and statistics, optimize advertising on the Website, if any, and improve the operation of the Website in accordance with applicable World Standards computer network. Cookies can also be used if the Company interacts with advertising services, Internet search and statistics services, and also providers of multimedia applications.
Using the tools in the settings of any available browser, you can at any time change the parameters associated with cookies and other technologies used for data storage (including local storage technology), in the privacy settings of your browser, in particular, by automatic blocking their use in your browser settings or browser plug-ins or, depending on the tools and technologies used, by displaying a detailed report of your device each time from entering the Web site as an end user.
Detailed information about the features and use of cookies is contained in the settings of your browser or browser plug-ins. Changing these settings can lead to certain difficulties when using the Services or parts of the Services.


1. The website may contain links to third-party websites, and Sonera Corporative Ltd is not responsible for the privacy policies of such third-party websites.
2. Sonera Corporative Ltd also provides access to third-party applications. Information collected by Sonera Corporative Ltd after the operation of such applications is processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy. The information collected by the suppliers of such applications is processed in accordance with the privacy policy of such suppliers or other third-party companies.


1. Sonera Corporative Ltd has the right to collect and store user event logs for the purpose of exchanging information with Users. Sonera Corporative Ltd has the right to collect and store information about the e-mail addresses and telephone number (s) of the User, including messages, dates and time of information exchange, processing data and results of information exchange.
2. When interacting with Users by phone, e-mail, etc., Sonera Corporative Ltd has the right to request from the User certain personal data related to the fact of interaction. Such information should be used solely for the purpose of providing the User with technical support, answers to his or her questions and information on his or her request.


Sonera Corporative Ltd can use the collected data for the following purposes:
(a) the development of new functions, as well as the improvement of the Services;
(b) the development of new Services;
(c) protection of the rights of Sonera Corporative Ltd;
(d) the realization of the legitimate aims that Sonera Corporative Ltd is guided by or authorized third parties receiving the data if the processing of such data does not violate the rights and / or freedoms of the data owner, if necessary.


Sonera Corporative Ltd grants Users the right to exercise their rights in the transfer of their personal data under the Data Protection Act of 1998, including the right to demand completeness, the appropriateness of personal data, the possibility of editing, the temporary or permanent termination of their processing or the complete removal of personal data in the event that such data were incorrect or collected in violation of the requirements of the law or are not necessary for the purposes for which they were collected. You have the right to delete your personal data at any time.
If you believe that you have insufficient number of ways to exercise your right, we ask you to send a written request to Sonera Corporative Ltd.


1. Sonera Corporative Ltd uses technical and organizational means to ensure the highest level of personal data security for Users and their protection against unauthorized access or improper use by third parties. Applied technical means are updated with the development of new technologies and the emergence of new needs, as well as the emergence of new means of protection.
2. The organizational means used guarantee that only authorized persons from Sonera Corporative Ltd will access your personal data. Sonera Corporative Ltd regularly conducts checks on compliance with relevant laws and this Privacy Policy. Sonera Corporative Ltd cooperates with state bodies responsible for monitoring the collection and processing of personal data and is ready to meet their requirements, if any.


1. Changes to this Privacy Policy are unavoidable due to the development of technology. You can always read the current version of the User Agreement on this page.
2. We reserve the right to make changes and amendments to the Terms of Service by publishing the modified material on this page. We recommend that you periodically check this Privacy Policy to be aware of the current conditions that may or may not concern you.


If you have any questions or problems in connection with the Privacy Policy, Sonera Corporative Ltd asks you to contact at the e-mail address on the website's contact information page.


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