Our team

Our team includes world-renown scientists, top-managers and technologists. We are also partnered with leading tech companies to create the a new way of communication between people.

Portrait of Reinhard Neumann

Reinhard Neumann

Many years of experience as a management consultant/process consultant in the field of finance and business administration. Lectures at universities and academies in the fields of controlling and financial management. Surveyor activity within the scope of business plan competitions.

In addition to that, he has more than 5 years of experience in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain applications with many projects in the areas of cryptocurrency mining and investment.

Portrait of Yuri Gromakov

Yuri Gromakov

Recognized scientist, innovator and leader of research and development in the field of modern telecommunication technologies, broadband wireless access, satellite navigation systems and monitoring of mobile objects, satellite and railway communications, digital radio and television broadcasting systems.

Author of more than 30 patents in Russia, Europe, China, USA, India and other countries. Full member (since 1996) of working groups and study groups of the International Telecommunication Union.

Portrait of Raymond Armes

Raymond Armes


25+ years of a highly successful career in Telecoms. Managed dynamic, ambitious, market leading service providers and systems solutions in the challenging markets of Russia, CIS and India.

Portrait of Ruslan Filatov

Ruslan Filatov


20+ years of C-Level multinational experience in Telecommunications, IT, fintech and mobile retail Industries. Solid track record of turnarounds, crisis management, M&A, and commercial operations.

Portrait of Roman Nemish

Roman Nemish


President TEKTELIC Communications Inc. Executive and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in wireless and telecommunication industries. Proven team leader with a balance combination of strategic, technical, financial and team management expertise who creates an inspiring, fast-paced, winning team culture. Strong track record of developing numerous high value innovative wireless solutions to address customer needs with 2G-5G, IoT and custom air interface solutions. Focused on creating real value for customers, employees and shareholders.

Portrait of Artem Mrozek

Artem Mrozek


Since 2014, an active participant in the crypto industry with trading, advising and directing ICO projects. Specialist in quality assurance and promotion of ICO's in the market of IT systems, telecommunications and Blockchain projects. Marketing, HR and sales management. Analysis and improvement of business processes. External development/partnerships, attracting investors, studying competitors and finding new ideas and opportunities to achieve the goal.

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